5 Thompson Ave for Summer Rental

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If you are interested in renting the Cottage at 5 Thompson Ave, please read the following: and note the Application Required of Renters>

The Cottage is to be occupied by no more than 2 people. A security deposit of $250. serves to both retain the cottage until the move in date and to assure that the cottage is cleaned to the extent that it was cleaned upon moving in. When the rental time commitment, and the cleaning has been fulfilled, the $250. is returned. Historically, the conditions have been met and the deposit was returned. Please don't break this positive trend. Be sure to fulfill your commitments.

The deposit will not be returned if the cottage is reserved by you, and then you decide not to move in. That delay will have cost opportunities to rent to others, losing rental income necessary to cover the expenses of the cottage for me. So commit with the deposit only when you're ready to commit to move in please.

Though the cottage is for sale, you will not have to vacate until the end of our agreed upon period as long as your rental fees are paid up to date. If you are you interested in buying? I am willing to help finance the purchase.



It's an adorably rustic, approximately over 100-year old, small summer-only cottage. The water is turned off and road inlets are chained off (preventing all vehicles) between the dates of approx. Oct 15th and April 15th annually, during which time you cannot live there.

The land is owned by The Camp Meeting Corporation, a non-profit religious organization founded on Christian beliefs. The earliest community was originally all Methodist. Now "The Grove" is a summer home for a variety of practicing Christians, including Methodists, Catholics, Baptists, Evangelicals, etc. Buyers must be active members of a Jesus Christ centered, Biblically founded Christian church to be admitted. Participation in the Asbury Grove Community is also encouraged.

The cottage is the perfect size for for either a single person or a married couple.

The cottage's septic system has been Title V inspected and approved.

There is 1.5 bedrooms (approx. 9' x 10'). The ".5" can also be a small storage space (approx 9 square feet)

There is an eat-in kitchen (approx. 120 sq. feet) with hot water sink , a tiny bathroom with cold-water sink, hot shower and toilet, and a living room (approx. 13' x 15")

Quarterly taxes and maintenance fees (similar to condo fees) are approximately $600./quarter. Property throughout the many acres of The Grove is communal, officially. However, some cottage owners tend their small yards (at this cottage, there is only a very small area to garden beneath a maple tree). There is a cottage a couple of feet away on the right and one equally as close behind it.

More info about Asbury Grove, the corporation (not my website): http://www.asburygrove.org/


If you are a member of a Christian Church, There are also photos on this website.

Please view the cottage at 5 Thompson Ave in Asbury Grove from the outside first. If this is not possible because you do not live in the area, please email me at the email below to answer additional questions. If it sounds great to you, then we'll set up an appointment.

Email: allfluff at gmail.com. Put "cottage for sale" in the subject line.

I may fund the buyer. I welcome the discussion. A non-refundable 25% of the selling price will be required as a minimum requirement.

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